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Brookdale Medical is entering its 16th year of success supplying equipment and services to the rehabilitation and sports therapy markets. We offer a wide variety of equipment and supplies in all therapy categories including electrotherapy, fitness and rehab equipment, hydrotherapy, hot and cold therapy, treatment tables and traction systems, work hardening, diagnostic equipment, orthopedics and mobility aids.

The RESPONSE line of selectorized fitness and rehab equipment is manufactured by Brookdale Medical Specialties.

RESPONSE equipment was designed and built for the hospital, rehabilitation, physical medicine, wellness and fitness markets. RESPONSE equipment is safe, compact and versatile equipment, and it fits perfectly with the needs of these target markets.

Due to the flexibility of variable weight stacks, we can satisfy a variety of markets from a senior's circuit in a nursing home, to satisfying the needs of university athletic centres, rehabilitation and physiotherapy centres, and other high performance centres. RESPONSE multi-station and single units are geared towards nursing homes, hospitals and rehab clinics. Our variable weight stacks, which include micro weights, meet the requirements in a wide range of markets.

Solid welded frames made from heavy gauge materials add to the strength and durability of the line.

Unique combo units, range limiters, multi-stations, benches and free weight systems provide for a complete range of choice.

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  THE BACK CARE PROGRAM™ 4TH EDITION - A premier back care education program. Slide and video program with professional graphics and photos of actual work settings.

RESPONSE™ SINGLE CABLE COLUMN with Lat Pulldown Option - Facilitates upper, middle and lower extremity exercises. Low initial starting weights. Vertical pulley travels from 8” to 80” in 3-inch increments. Adjustable pulley handles have 180 degree pivot articulation. Upper body stabilization support grips. Indexed adjustment for fast repeatable setups and documentation. Standard attachments include: ankle and shoulder strap, 48" lat bar, tricep bar and hand grips. A variety of benches are avilables. Also available in a back-to-back design.